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What makes our mobile job application so unique in comparison to others available

You’re well rounded

Our career profile goes beyond the basics, letting you set yourself apart with a profile that highlights everything that’s great about you.

You’re a person

You don’t just want a job, you want the job. To ensure that you love your job we match you with employers whose culture and work style mesh with yours.

You’re Busy

Let the jobs come to you. Our system gives you immediate exposure to hundreds of potential employers so you can stop looking and start working.


Just a bit about why we came about with the Career App
Tired of searching for jobs online with no luck what so ever?

CareerApp.me was created with the skilled individual in mind. We've made it so you wont have to sit there scrolling through job after job that doesn't fit your skill set or requirements. You can now let the jobs come to you, we will host your CV for employers to browse by filtering out what they do and don't need meaning once you've signed up all the hard work is done for you. We only let verified employers onto our mobile application so you wont find any run of the mill companies here we only want the best for our users.

  • Productivity Increased

    You'll be even more productive now you dont have to apply for jobs.

  • Time Saved

    You'll save more time than ever before meaning you can do more of what you want to.

  • More interviews

    We guarantee to get your more interviews than any of the other mobile job applications.

  • the job you desire

    100% of the users who have downloaded our application have landed their dream jobs.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of developers and support staff at your every need.
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Mobile Developer
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Art Director
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Account Manager
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Business Development
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